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Pets on Wheels

May 5th, 2008

Who says pets can’t benefit from technology? The days of having to put your dog or cat to sleep because they are no longer in great shape are over. Now herniated discs, amputations, and paralysis mean nothing, because you can order a set of custom “wheels” for your pet that will get them going again in no time! Manufactures have made sure to build them waterproof, land-proof, and play proof, because what is the point of giving your disabled pet back their mobility if they can’t fully utilize it?

Dogs on wheels

And those people out there who are in to more exotic pets don’t have to fret about what will happen to their injured tortoises, turtles, or lizards. Pet wheels have been proven to work for reptiles as well. Writer Jim Lee built a set of custom wheels for an injured Box Turtle that allowed her to run around his house and even go outside.

Check out these wheels for a paralyzed turtle!

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