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Builder sacked over being naughty with a vacuum cleaner

March 15th, 2008

This might not be your typical housekeeping complaint but let’s hope you never catch this sort of “affair” in your building.

Apparently, a building worker was fired when he was caught with his pants down and, for use of a better word, “getting intimate” with the vacuum cleaner. Wait, it gets better! Or worse, whichever way you digest your bizarre news. After the security guard bumped into the Polish man, stark naked and getting his “evening delights” from the company equipment, what was his ultimate defense?

Vacuum cleaner

It was something along the lines of – there was nothing dodgy going on… no, no, where did you get this idea… no, everyone vacuums in their underwear in Poland.

Right! Remind me again, what’s the temperature in his homeland in winter? Sound like strip-worthy atmosphere to you?

And dress whichever way you want, just don’t stick bits of yourself into the smiling Henry.

No wonder the security guard asked him to clean the device!

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