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Prettiest Urinals in the World

December 16th, 2008

Ever notice how toilets seem to be the same all over the world?

No matter where you travel, or where you go, the moment you enter that country’s toilet, you are on familiar ground. A toilet, sink and soap. Maybe some pretty flowers to add a bit of defiant individuality. It’s a universal language!

It’s almost like all the toilets in the world are present in another dimension; all toilet doors open to this dimension whenever you go to loo. Well, you can’t say that anymore, not with these colorful, brilliantly designed urinals.

Beautiful urinal

Urinals that boast sleek contours and dazzling colors. All of them look way too pretty to be loo equipment. I mean, who will do it in there?

However, I must confess that any guy who hurriedly wobbles off to the public loo to relieve himself and then comes across a urinal that resembles beautiful work of art is probably going to have other thoughts.

Something along the lines of – did someone spike my food with some weed? Am I hallucinating?

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