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Toilet Humor

April 28th, 2009

Some people spend way too much time in the toilet. At least that’s what I gather from these funny and weird graffiti pieces.

All of them were scribbled in a public toilet somewhere in the world. From the looks of it, people had a need to share… as well as that need to relieve themselves.

Unless they specifically went in their to scrawl on the wall. Then that’s just sad.

1. Insulting to sharks?

Largest eggs

Looks like the work of a silly teenager. Or someone young at heart. Maybe someone had a grudge against one of the folks working in the building?

In all honesty, this is the type of graffiti you can expect to find in a toilet. The kind that insults someone’s dad.

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Who left the Toilet Seat up?

February 21st, 2009

When it comes to the toilet, its the battle between the genders. Well, we knew that women needs to sit down to do their business and men, well, they do the small business standing up. They could sit down but why all the hassle in pulling the pants down when they could just whiz out the little guy and pee. Then, we know how hard for men to lift up the toilet seat and then lower it down again once the business is done. Besides, we understand that the toilet seat isn’t really that clean to be touching it. So OK, stop your whining and we will give you the solution:


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Going for a wee wee in Japan

January 15th, 2009

Japan – the land of the rising sun, where odd fashions can be found, eccentric inventors lurking somewhere to churn out brilliant ideas and bowing is the greatest greeting trend. Then there is the public facilities; the cute payphone booth, the singing soda machine and of course, the important one – the public toilet. After all the green teas, you got to pee right?

There are rules in using the public toilets in Japan of course, just like how the sign shows it:
Let’s see now, sit properly, don’t squat on the toilet seat, don’t stick your head into the toilet bowl, don’t pee standing up (for the men), no fishing (what in the world are we to fish in there anyway?) and no dog style peeing at the urinals (very creative).

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Toilet of the Future

November 6th, 2008

What a load of crap, that’s just BS and Holy S**t don’t apply to this super chic device. Alright, maybe just the last one.

It’s the face of the future, at least for the toilet bowl. Neorest 600 is a tank-less smooth curved toilet that will usher in the New Century for your humble home.

Cool toilets

There’s a useful sensor – auto opens/closes lid as it detects you staggering over to it. The sensor based open-close does have a “Master, what can I do for you today” quality to it… not that I am complaining.

And no more pressing knobby buttons after you have done your deed; the intelligent thingy does it all for you. Did I hear a glee of joy from the clean-freaks? 🙂

Oh and you know the terrible midnight loo jolts, how you are wide awake the moment you place your pampered warm posterior on the ice cold seat in winter? Well, brownie points for this one, the comfy seat is heated! No more dreading the cold season loo trips.

How cool is this? It even has an air deodorizer, you know, for those slightly *ahem* wafty smell moments.

The face of toilet future does not come cheap. If the price on the bottom right is any indication, you could end up paying a hefty $6,000! And we thought buying hair/face care products were costly. 🙂

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Share a loo and improve your relationship

March 25th, 2008

Sure, their Human Rights track record looks dingy at best but apparently marital bliss is top of the list for these folks. This nifty, and albeit strange, Chinese invention promises to smooth over a tense marriage.

Well, it’s a twin toilet, kinda like a love-seat except you don’t neck. And let’s face it, no one’s going to cuddle on that two-seater.

Twin toilet

It’s called TwoDaLoo (yes, you can cringe) and allows both spouses to use the toilet at the same time. And apparently it’s eco-friendly too, where twin bowls of the toilet are cleaned with a single flush.

It’s labeled a well meant effort to bring down emotional walls and get each other to communicate. Not unlike the awkward elevator moments when you have to make small talk and pray for no embarrassing moments.

So in the end, whoever cleans the bathroom has twice as much toilet scrubbing to do?

And you thought leaving the toilet seat up was a nightmare.

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Eating in the toilet

February 16th, 2008

Valentine’s Day has just pasted. For many lovebirds around the world, a romantic candlelit dinner is the perfect way to celebrate. But you probably wouldn’t want to take your date to this particular Taipei restaurant.

Modern toilet

At first glance, the place looks like your normal cozy dining place. But if you look a bit more closely, you’ll notice that all the chairs here are actually toilet bowls. And the food comes in plastic containers shaped either like toilet bowls or traditional Chinese chamber pots! Not so hungry anymore, are you? 🙂

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Ingenious car toilet

January 31st, 2008

If you are stuck in traffic when mother nature calls, what should you do?

Car toilet

Well, you can consider what the above dude does, he basically fixed a whole loo in place of his car seat complate with a toilet tissue holder! What an ingenious idea! Hahaha… now, you do not need to worry about answering mother nature calls while on the road. 🙂

I think this dude’s invention is much more practical compared to the portable car toilet invented by the Japanese. What do you think?

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