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In case of divorce…

November 2nd, 2008

As easy as divorce sounds, the post-divorce result could be devastating to most; the couples, their kids (if any) and the people around them. Unfortunately, divorce cases are getting more and more frequent, be it in Hollywood or not. So besides going to the shrink, what else can those affected ones get through it a little more easier?

How about a that? A divorce cake for the divorced. At least the parting will be a sweet one rather than a bitter one… I suppose.

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The Tubs with Class

September 27th, 2008

Have you ever feel like soaking yourself in bathtub? Imagine coming back from long day at work or after a horrendous traffic jam on the way home? Tired, stressed out and bushed, bath tub sounds real good, because I would like one good soak right about now.
The hot, damp season gives me a good excuse to soaking. So not having a real bath tub, I fantasized about having one in the middle of my living room now, with remote control door that opens whenever you need it. Sighing, I typed “bath tub in living room” and this is what I found:

Then more and more of these awfully tempting pictures of bath tubs started to pop up. I am totally enticed.

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