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Did something just illuminate under you?

August 28th, 2008

How about a LightBench for your social boosting campaign? This is not an ordinary bench but it’s a chair that illuminates with just the touch of your fingertips and a remote control.

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Tablet-iously Cool

June 26th, 2008

Whoa there! Move aside, iPhone, give way, iPod, presenting the multi-touch screen patented Apple Tablet Mac.

Apple Tablet Mac
Sleek almost elegant slate-style tablet rumored to feature multi-touch keyboard and even an iPod style scroll-wheel, this gadget is going to be THE thing to look forward for this year.
In order to keep it light and not a bulky, chunky electronic slab you carried around, it is well-equipped with flash memory hard drive. A great travel companion isn’t it?
It’s hard not to drool over such gadgets. However, until we really see it in the market with its price tag, then we will talk ok?

tablet diagram
The diagram of “how to use the Apple Tablet Mac” with the scroll-wheel

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Your plant will tell you when it’s thirsty

May 20th, 2008

Taking the “talking to plant” theory to a whole new level, are we?

A company in Texas, called Accent Engineering Inc., has developed this ingenious method of informing you when your plants are thirsty. Basically there are monitors that supervise the overall conditions of your plants and sms you if there are any noteworthy changes.


Here’s how it works.

Battery-operated infrared thermometers placed in irrigated fields monitor leaf temperatures and relay that information to a computerized base station. A cell phone modem can be hooked up to the base station to download data to a personal computer. This modem can also send text messages to a farmer’s cell phone.

Now you can enjoy that aromatic cup of coffee, knowing that technology is watching over your livelihood.

And sure, this currently applies to expansive fields of crops but it won’t be long until you get a teensy version for that sorry wilting specimen on your window sill.

Worse case scenario you wake up in middle of night to read that dreaded sms – “Feed me Seymour!”

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