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Sweat Tea

June 4th, 2009

It’s a warm afternoon. You were hell thirsty and made a dash for the pantry to get a drink! Got a full glass of tea from the dispenser and just as when you were about to take a gulp, you saw this!

Sweat tea

Sweat + tea!

You have tried tea mixed with condensed milk before. You have tried tea with lemon before. But how about tea with sweat? Hahaha, still thirsty? 🙂

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My, oh, my, aren’t you all dressed up

July 23rd, 2008

Can you imagine yourself in suits and tie in gym, doing your machine, running the treadmill? In 1911, that exactly what you wear to gym and do your workout; high-collared shirt, a vest, jacket and a nicely polished loafers or boots. Tedious as it may seem, they look like they are seriously enjoying the workout despite of the heavy get-ups. Here, you can also see the pre-evolution of workout machines we see in the present.

An exercise machine that is good for the bone and keep your hair neat.

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