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The Silent Star Wars

October 18th, 2009

Have you seen this funny little ‘remake’ of Star Wars?

Well, it is a remake of the original space adventure, not the nonsense that came about later on. I’m looking at you, Star Wars I, II and III.

This fan video takes bits of the original movie and mashes it up to make … a silent movie.

It is great that Star Wars works just as well as a non-talkie flick. It is also kind of disturbing that the entire movie can be summed up, so well, in just under 2 minutes.

It would be cool to see the ‘I am your father’ moment done in silent movie style. Perhaps paying tribute to Dracula and Nosferatu? Maybe some nifty piano playing in the background?

Should we worry that this will give George Lucas ideas for his next addition?

Isn’t it weird that the fan tributes turn out better than expensive productions now?

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Custom Star Wars Clock

February 4th, 2009

Heck yes, this is the Jedi you are looking for!!

If you are not a Star Wars fan, you might want to file this bit of information under “It’s a crazy world”.

But hang on, maybe some of the readers are avid fans? You’ve seen all the movies, collected most of the figurines and even played the Lego game. Or maybe you are not a such a fan per say… you just love light sabers, think Darth Vader is just a misunderstood guy with a troubled past or you simply think Yoda is cute in a kinky way.

Star Wars clock

We’re not here to judge; just directing you towards some awesome Star Wars gadgetry. If you are either of the latter or even both, read on!

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