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The puzzle of all puzzles

November 19th, 2008

First off, a lot of people get upset when election jokes lean towards one party or candidate. After all, you hear about it all the time, on the news, on the street or in the coffee shops. Maybe you don’t want to see it on any sites you frequent for your daily dose of funnies.

Well, no worries there. This article is not pro or anti any party. In fact, it caters to supporters of both parties in its own unique way.

Presidential puzzle

The object in question is an interesting jigsaw puzzle depicting various American Presidents. The 500 piece puzzle called Presidential Puzzle portrays an imaginary scenario where various American Presidents get together to play poker. There are two versions – one showing Democratic Presidents like JFK, Wilson and Clinton and other showing Republican leaders like Lincoln, Regan and Bush Snr.

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Ads that really made their point

October 15th, 2008

You are walking down a street one day to a glass covered bus stop and you see no one in it. Are you sure? To your shock however, when you reached the front of the bus stop, you see a guy sitting in it. He couldn’t care less how shock you look. And just to be sure, you walked out again to the side of the bus stop for a quick reality check. Nobody! Are you sure the man sitting there is well, a real man?

The copy for this ad is “Is invisibility possible?” Not sure from what company and what’s the message though. If anyone know, please share with us.

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August 11th, 2008

Do you have any problems waking up in the morning? Do you need two or three alarm clocks all around your rooms so you will actually get out of bed to switch off the annoying sound? Of course, it’s understandable. It is not easy waking up and dragging yourself out of bed in the morning, especially Monday morning.
But now, you will have no choice but to wake up – creatively.

Used to traveling and having the hotel concierge to give you a wake up call? The Hotel Phone Alarm Clock is perfect for you! It goes something like this – “This is your wake up call. For another call in 30 minutes, please press 5.”

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