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Laugh Some More! – All About Computers & Internet

February 17th, 2009

Be prepare to laugh some more! It’s time to cheer up and enjoy the rest of the day. Despite of the stressful days at work, I managed to find some source of laughter and I would like to share it with you all!
This time, its all about computers and internet:

Do you realised that every time your internet crashed or computer having some error, there is always this little message that prompts you to hit ANY keys?
OK, hit the “ANY” key, please.

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Witty kitties

August 31st, 2008

Pets are simply lovable. And felines are one of my favorite kinds of pets. Bouncy, hyperactive, overly-pampered, persistent and yes, very cute living fur-ball that has an endless act of vanity.

To be a cat burglar, you need a good and loud runaway car driver.

The case of a over-soft sofa.

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Best nose digging pictures

July 21st, 2008

I was traveling on the plane a day before and caught a scene of a CEO-like man in his early forties, nicely dressed with pressed pants, clean shirt and a Tissot watch sturdily strapped on his wrist; get ready for this – the best “pick” I’ve ever seen.

I suppose he thought that nobody is looking at him so when the light was dimmed, he shoved his stubby last finger up his nostril and start the intensive digging for at least 15 minutes. Since I was sitting 45 degrees angle from him, I saw the whole scene clearly and that was the time I really wished for a camera.

Honestly, it is almost like watching these people picking nose:

Now, now Your Majesty, why not take off your gloves first?

It helps when I need to make important decisions. – Bush

LeAnn Rimes making use of her waiting time comfortably digging away.

Hillary! What happened if Obama sees you doing that?!

It’s now or never! Penelope Cruz subtly removing the “unwanted”.

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