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Humour in Olympics

July 23rd, 2012

You can see some English humour in the Olympics:

A little hamster taking part in the new micro weight lifting event.
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Don’t drink before noon

September 4th, 2008

We have heard a lot of Beijing Olympic controversies and scandals.

Well, this one, for once, doesn’t involve anything on the side of the organizers.


Turns out the Belgian Sports Minister Michel Daerden had one too many drinks and got very… vocal in his support for the players from his country.

It sounds a bit like Homer Simpson showed up for the Beijing Olympics and really had a go at it. Except this version of Homer had an official title and viking-ish mustache.

Save it for the late night partying and karaoke nights, mate!

On the other hand, scratch that idea. The Flemish Minister commented that “Michel Daerden really has a drinking problem, everyone knows it,”.

Yea, well we had no clue and much as Belgium has the best beer, fab art and Tintin, Smurfs and Asterix, most of us will be exchanging stories about the time this bigwig from Belgium got drunk at the Olympics.

For shame!

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