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Office Pro With Eco!

January 10th, 2009

Have you ever crumpled a paper and suddenly the thought of recycling comes to mind? Maybe that’s your eco-conscious talking or even trying to get your attention. Not surprising really, because in this world we are living in, who wouldn’t thought of preserving earth or at least pay a part in it preserving it somehow. But what can we do? Not everyone is an environmentalist nor have the kind of discipline to recycle every little things. Well, now we can play a part in taking care of our environment in the tools we can use daily at the office:

This is an EcoStapler™. It uses no staples so you don’t have to worried about running out of staples. How cool is that? Use EcoStapler™ like any other staplers you used before and it will clip 3 pages together by smartly cutting and folding the papers together. Save on steel usage and long term use for just £4.89 (about US$7.41).

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Please Mug Me!

November 23rd, 2008

Needless to say, mugs are one of the most essential items you need both at home and in the office. Just take a look around your office, majority of your colleagues have a mug on their tables. While most coffee mugs are for coffees, some are for teas and even water. Can you imagine not having a mug in the office?

Yeap, that is how important are mugs, especially for coffee drinkers.

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Ad Ahoy! : When all you need is extra

November 7th, 2008

What do you need when you are sleepy at work? What do you seek for when you are playing basketball and chewing something makes you focus? What do you look for when you realised your breath is not exactly “fresh”?
Yeap! You need a chewing gum. Chewy, minty, flavoury and in some way, cool. Chewing gums has been around for ages! In fact, during the olden times, people started chewing on leaves and plants. That is way, way back then. OK, Let’s not get too far now.

One of the first chewing gums I ever chewed on is Extra chewing gum. It has been around since 1984, making its name as the first sugar-free chewing gum in the market. Recently, I saw Extra’s TV commercial and I simply love it! Then I searched in Youtube for more of the similar ads and I got seven of it!

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That’s one hell of a penholder!

October 1st, 2008

Stress, stress, stress! That is how some offices are. When you are busy, boy, you won’t have a breather at all! And what’s worst, all your stationary are so boring! The only stress release you have is that particular stress-ball on your table which probably needs to be dusted by now. Bo~ring!
So its either you get a new job or get yourself something that can help you release your stress. And no, I am not talking about that hot new secretary.

This is the Mr. Old Butt Moaning Man Pen Stand Holder. Obscene as it may seen, it is in fact quite hilarious once you have inserted the pen.

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