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Does Size Matter at the Museum of Male Anatomy?

May 28th, 2008

Men love their anatomy, and nowhere is that more apparent then in Husavik, Iceland, where the Icelandic Phallological Museum resides. From May to September, visitors can view a collection that includes 261 penises from 90 different species, all carefully preserved and put on display. Wow, definitely for this special anatomy lovers!


From a giant Sperm whale specimen that is over 5 feet long, to a tiny hamster penis bone that is just 2 millimeters, there are a variety of sizes and shapes to marvel at. Currently absent from founder Sigurdur Hjartarson’s assortment is a human penis, but luckily this lack will not last forever. Four different men have promised to donate their phalluses to the museum upon their deaths, though at least one of these men is already rethinking the idea, as he is afraid that his shrunken member might not bring him the eternal fame he was hoping.

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