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Cute Little Mischief makers

February 6th, 2009

I know people worry that kids mimic what they see on the television. All that running, jumping and climbing trees… no wait, I meant all that fighting, punching and acting too grownup. I somehow inserted the wrong description in there.

Point is, doesn’t it sometimes seem like TV imitates life? Or at least is inspired by the weird and wonderful things that kids do?

Take the old, old show called Tom and Jerry for instance. A cat and mouse trying to outdo each other, always up to mischief. Why, that describes real-life naughty kids quite perfectly.

Many will empathize when they see these examples. You’ve done this once or your kids are always pulling such pranks. Kind of like waiting until you are on the phone to start the “I saw this toy first” tug-of-war.

Little kids

Here’s probably how someone got the idea for extreme makeovers.

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Baby Blues

October 29th, 2008

Remember the comic called “Baby Blues”? Yeap, the one with a couple (the lady with the big hair and guy with big nose) and their 3 kids.

Do you know: Baby Blue’s creator is the same guy who created Zits!

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