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Hilarious Karma

March 4th, 2008

This is really classic!

First you get the irate bike owner ranting and raving about the woes of the world and all the bad people who steal from others. And then a passing tree-hugger points out the irony in his own actions.

Karma kills

This is absolutely funny… but then, here’s the most ironic bit. The wood and paper both used to be happy, unassuming trees until a strapping lumberjack had his way with them. If you are going to talk about innocent trees, perhaps you should think twice about attaching dead relatives to its body! I don’t think it needs to be reminded about tree genocide.

As a fellow human being, I’d be pretty freaked out if someone drilled or even pasted material made from human body on my body – I don’t care if it is varnished or recycled. (Kind of reminds you of that Conjoined Fetus Lady from South Park, doesn’t it?)

Yeah people, talk about Karma!

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