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Weird email hoaxes that people believed!

May 19th, 2009

Do you get the occasional forwarded message from a colleague? You know, something along the lines of “Bill Gates is giving away money”? Some of them come across as obvious hoaxes, others are harder to dismiss.

Let me mention three bizarre emails that continue to dupe people. Over and over again!

Japanese see through skirt

Japanese see-through Skirt

This hoax is a bit old. Admittedly, no one has proven this to be a hoax but there is enough evidence to dismiss it as one.

The email claims that it’s not really a transparent skirt. Rather, it is a print on the back to make it look like you can see right though.

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Google April Fool’s jokes on April 1st

April 15th, 2008

Always, eager for a good opportunity to laugh, Google launched a number of April Fool’s Day jokes on April 1st this year. My personal favorite was a stunt they pulled at (Australia) offering a new feature titled gDay™ with MATE™, allowing you to search into the future.

Happy Birthday grandma

gDay wasn’t the only prank Google pulled, their largest was a collaboration with Virgin Media, titled Virgle, looking for pioneers for their expedition to colonize Mars. With a company as big and innovative as Google this sort of endeavor is semi believable and probably threw quite a few people for a loop.

Google also added a couple other features worthy of a laugh, Gmail Custom Time, allowing users to send messages back in time, and Google Wake-up Kit, complete with a bucket for cold water and a bed flipper.

Go to this page for a complete list of International Google Hoaxes.

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