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Weird excuse to get out of work

March 23rd, 2008

We have all done some pretty stupid things to get out of work before, like calling in with the excuse that the dog was hit by a car or a grandmother died. Believe me, I have used some weird excuses also, but nothing beats this man in Pasco, Washington. He took it a few steps too far when he had his friend shoot him in order to get out of taking a drug test at work.

Work place

Yes, this is in fact a true story. In order to get out of a drug test he was going to take at work, Daniel Kuch called the police and told them he had been shot by someone in a dark car. After investigating, however, deputies discovered that this story didn’t make sense. It then came out that Kuch had a friend shoot him so that he would be injured and able to stay away from work long enough for any drugs to leave his system. Both men have since been arrested, and hopefully others will learn a lesson from this situation. Working sucks, but serving jail time sucks a whole lot more.

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