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Funny hide and seek

March 5th, 2009

It’s annoying to be out in the open sometimes. At times you want to blend in with the background and find that inner ninja. At other times, you set up a nice CCTV camera so as to catch these nasty ninja-wannabes.

So let’s look at some excellent instances of stealth as well as instances where hiding just failed.

1. It’s what I do

Hide and seek

Well, I suppose if blending is part of your work, it makes sense that you would do it subconsciously.

In this case, you wonder about the sofa. It probably looked like the cosiest and prettiest thing ever. Until your son disappeared into in his camouflage gear. Would be interesting to take a sofa into the field, wouldn’t it? It sure would confuse the other side.

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Rape simulation game and other strange Japanese products

February 19th, 2009

Everyone was shocked, upset and scandalized by the recent rape simulation game controversy in Japan. “Who plays this kind of game?”, asked many folk as they gathered around the water cooler.

Admittedly it was a very disturbing concept for a game. And it was wrong on so many levels that Amnesty International would have a field day with it.

However, those familiar with quirky and weird Japanese products will point out that this is not the first bizarre product to become a craze in that island nation.

Ok, so the other too-crazy-to-be-true products did not offend your ethical stance as much as this one did. In fact, by far, this might be the most morally defunct product to make the news.

So what other strange products have I come across?

1. Booby Pudding

Booby pudding

That’s right! It is pudding shaped like breasts! And you know what? Just for the heck of it, it’s pudding in different shapes and sizes!

It is a bit disturbing that the girl on the left look a bit young. In fact, I wonder if her outfit is a school uniform or sailor’s outfit.

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