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Custom Star Wars Clock

February 4th, 2009

Heck yes, this is the Jedi you are looking for!!

If you are not a Star Wars fan, you might want to file this bit of information under “It’s a crazy world”.

But hang on, maybe some of the readers are avid fans? You’ve seen all the movies, collected most of the figurines and even played the Lego game. Or maybe you are not a such a fan per say… you just love light sabers, think Darth Vader is just a misunderstood guy with a troubled past or you simply think Yoda is cute in a kinky way.

Star Wars clock

We’re not here to judge; just directing you towards some awesome Star Wars gadgetry. If you are either of the latter or even both, read on!

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Cool USB bouncer

January 21st, 2009

Don’t you hate pesky office mates messing about with your PC? Changing the name of your favorite song to the awful theme song from Tokyo Drift? 🙂 Taking a screen cap of your desktop and hiding all the icons?

The list goes on. What you need is some damage control. And what better bodyguard for your PC than the Terminator! It’s a motion detector of sorts that plugs into the USB port. It’s one mean looking guy with sun glasses and shaved head. Why call him Terminator, he’s got Prison Break written all over him.

USB Bouncer

Wait, it gets better. The little guy has a motion detector in his jacket button and when a mischief-maker comes close to your PC, he will blast off a choice number of warnings.

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Pretty powerful USB man

December 11th, 2008

Oh no! This is just too cute. Check out the teeny, tiny USB man!

On some level you feel a tinge of guilt that the little dude represents some dastardly torture procedure from the middle ages.


Yes, last thing you want is for the boss to glance at it intently and say, did we chat about those faxes you goofed up? (Read: It’s the rack for you, says the boss).

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World’s cutest wireless router

December 3rd, 2008

The homely version of James Bond gadget?

It’s a vase, it’s a weapon, it’s a wireless router, no it’s the world’s cutest wireless router. 🙂 I must admit, there is quite a flair to this idea. Wireless routers and such come in chunky box shapes that scream I am born to mess up your decor.

Cute router

It’s almost as bad as the nasty mish mash of cable wiring lurking around the PC and TV. Story goes that this design was created for Saudi Telecom, guys who wanted a positive emotional response every time someone glanced at their router.

I think that the said designer probably spent a busy weekend watching Bond movies which was dotted with regular complaints about the yuk gadgets around the house.

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August 11th, 2008

Do you have any problems waking up in the morning? Do you need two or three alarm clocks all around your rooms so you will actually get out of bed to switch off the annoying sound? Of course, it’s understandable. It is not easy waking up and dragging yourself out of bed in the morning, especially Monday morning.
But now, you will have no choice but to wake up – creatively.

Used to traveling and having the hotel concierge to give you a wake up call? The Hotel Phone Alarm Clock is perfect for you! It goes something like this – “This is your wake up call. For another call in 30 minutes, please press 5.”

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The result of Classic and Modern combined

July 26th, 2008

I am so impress with this laptop. Great work Datamancher; this skillfully crafted wood case combined perfectly with a Hewlett-Packard ZT1000 notebook computer, making a laptop user like me swoon over its finishing. This awesome gadget runs on Window XP and Ubuntu Linux, features clock mechanism under the glass top, copper and brass details, comfortable leathered wrist and if you look at the bottom, you will see four sturdy claw feet jutting out. Talking about a elegantly stable laptop.
That’s not all, wait until you get your fingers on the beautiful copper plated keys on the keyboard. Did you wonder how are you going to turn this baby on? You will get the answer at the bottom.

Lay your eyes on this!

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A Woman’s New Best Friends?

July 5th, 2008

Fashion conscious but wanting more than just style and looking good? How about gadgets that will make you look and feel luxuriously good as well?
Well, now you have the chance to lay eyes upon the four designs of beautifully cut, glimmering Swarovski crystals embedded along with silver body that gives you 1GB of storage space USB thumb drives. Created by Phillip-Swarovski, the Heart Ware and Heart Beat models came with a lovely cord for you to wear it around your neck, which definitely adds on the glamour; whilst the Lock In and Lock Out series are designed for keychain that would go great with your Swarovski handbag. All four models featured built-in password protection only you can access to.

Let’s pump up your “Heart Beat”

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