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Bunged Up Cat

March 11th, 2009

I was chilling at my girlfriend’s house the other day, she was telling me that her cat – Chee-waa is constipated.


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Cool cat wigs

February 4th, 2008

Many pet owners like to dress up their pets. This is nothing unusual. Making your cat look like a feline drag queen is probably going too far though. But that’s exactly what some people want you to do. They even sell wigs for cats! Weird, right?

Oh noez! I has furball on mah head!

Cats aren’t the friendliest creatures. I can’t even put a collar on a cat without getting bloody scratches all over my arms. So how did these cat owners manage to get a wig on a cat’s head without risking life and limb? They must have slipped some kind of drugs into that can of tuna.

I bet the cat was royally pissed off when it woke up from its chemically induced stupor to find a giant wig sitting on its head. Seriously, does this cat look happy to you?

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