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Funny Windows Error Message

February 17th, 2010

Don’t you just love Microsoft Windows and all those silly errors? From memory, the last error-free version version of Windows for me was Windows 3.1 (Yep, that’s the one just after MS-DOS). Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of these Windows error…

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Laugh Some More! – All About Computers & Internet

February 17th, 2009

Be prepare to laugh some more! It’s time to cheer up and enjoy the rest of the day. Despite of the stressful days at work, I managed to find some source of laughter and I would like to share it with you all!
This time, its all about computers and internet:

Do you realised that every time your internet crashed or computer having some error, there is always this little message that prompts you to hit ANY keys?
OK, hit the “ANY” key, please.

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Very Wordy Laugh – Wong Speleng all da wei fom Japang

September 16th, 2008

You must have thought we are out of signs with hilarious errors to show you, eh? Oh, no, we are not done. In fact, we have more and more to come! This time, we are bringing wordy laughs all the way from Japan, well, along with some not so good speleng speling spelling.

This drink is not as refreshing as it sound. Might be appetizing for a meat-eating zombie though.

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More Wordy Laugh: Watch out for body parts!

June 26th, 2008

We are back with more labels bloopers! Get tickled by these signs, but this time around, watch out for body parts, it will get your teeth clenching. Ouch!

Don't feed the fish
The thought of fishes nibbling at your tenders is bad enough; imagine you offering it to the fishes.

Trim foot
Do you think anyone would want their pedicure done here?

Uranus Hair
I think they are taking the “we style you from top to bottom” promise too literally

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