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Dumbest thief ever!

March 12th, 2008

Here’s your dose of weird news for the day: imagine losing your camera-phone. As you mournfully gaze at the dust-lined square on the table, a lasting reminder of your gadget, beep goes your mail. And what do you know. Snugly attached to your email is a very unflattering photo of the thief!

Dumb thief

Well let’s start from the beginning. The victim of this techno-theft, (mikesub @ Flickr) was a rather enthusiastic member of Flickr and the like. And so, if anyone else uses his phone try to upload a picture on any of those sites using that same phone and fail, the actual owner will get a nifty copy of the picture. Which is just what happened!

So far, mikesub doesn’t know if it’s of the thief, his neighbor, disowned relative or partner. But it’s a start.

Talk about getting caught with your pants down.

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