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Cool Transformers

May 29th, 2011

Transformers the movie does thrill us.  Well take a look at some interesting and cool transformers:

Bike turning into lean but not mean Transformers.  Click on picture to view.

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Cute Hello Kitty Tank

February 2nd, 2010

Some time ago, I showed you the Hello Kitty Darth Vader, now it’s time to show you the Hello Kitty Tank…

Don’t you just love it?

Now you can make peace with your enemies when they laugh at you, instead of bombing you haha!

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It’s a piece of cake!

February 10th, 2009

I love cakes once awhile and my significant other has the ability to make delicious cakes. She love the whisking, the measuring and the mixing but today she told me she hated cutting the cakes sometimes. I knew why she had said so, she dropped a piece of cake on the table while transferring it to the plate.

So wanting to motivate her, I searched online and I found the solution to cutting a piece of cake. Presenting the “Piece of Cake” tool!
Cool and looked simple! Read more and you’ll want one of this!

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The awesome drippy clip

January 19th, 2009

Sometimes you get this need to fight the monotony in your office. Everything looks the same. They are all square-shaped or gray or just simply dull.

At least that’s what you feel like on a Monday. Or worse. Right after a fun-filled holidays with family and friends. You get this sudden urge to add a bit of color or life to your little desk. You know, fend off the blahs.

So what do you end up searching for? Cute and adorable stationary that add a bit of spark to your desk. And this one is just too pretty for words. It is basically a paper clip holder that is shaped like a kitchen sink.

Paperclip holder

Not only can you place all your clips in that ‘sink’ but you can hang one in the faucet.

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Office Pro With Eco!

January 10th, 2009

Have you ever crumpled a paper and suddenly the thought of recycling comes to mind? Maybe that’s your eco-conscious talking or even trying to get your attention. Not surprising really, because in this world we are living in, who wouldn’t thought of preserving earth or at least pay a part in it preserving it somehow. But what can we do? Not everyone is an environmentalist nor have the kind of discipline to recycle every little things. Well, now we can play a part in taking care of our environment in the tools we can use daily at the office:

This is an EcoStapler™. It uses no staples so you don’t have to worried about running out of staples. How cool is that? Use EcoStapler™ like any other staplers you used before and it will clip 3 pages together by smartly cutting and folding the papers together. Save on steel usage and long term use for just £4.89 (about US$7.41).

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Toilet of the Future

November 6th, 2008

What a load of crap, that’s just BS and Holy S**t don’t apply to this super chic device. Alright, maybe just the last one.

It’s the face of the future, at least for the toilet bowl. Neorest 600 is a tank-less smooth curved toilet that will usher in the New Century for your humble home.

Cool toilets

There’s a useful sensor – auto opens/closes lid as it detects you staggering over to it. The sensor based open-close does have a “Master, what can I do for you today” quality to it… not that I am complaining.

And no more pressing knobby buttons after you have done your deed; the intelligent thingy does it all for you. Did I hear a glee of joy from the clean-freaks? 🙂

Oh and you know the terrible midnight loo jolts, how you are wide awake the moment you place your pampered warm posterior on the ice cold seat in winter? Well, brownie points for this one, the comfy seat is heated! No more dreading the cold season loo trips.

How cool is this? It even has an air deodorizer, you know, for those slightly *ahem* wafty smell moments.

The face of toilet future does not come cheap. If the price on the bottom right is any indication, you could end up paying a hefty $6,000! And we thought buying hair/face care products were costly. 🙂

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