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Let your top glow!

October 27th, 2008

Ever thought of being a green haired punk for one night? Wait, wait, wait, how about being a GLOWING green haired punk? And its for one night only, meaning its washable and gone the next day. Very good especially for those who won’t want to wake up going to work with green hair and scare the hell out of everybody in the office when there are any blackouts. For the coming halloween season, this might just be the perfect thing to make yourself looking really outstanding in a club or a party.

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Ad with the Edge! Head on Nippon!

October 3rd, 2008

I always like how Nippon paint portray themselves; colorful, environment-safe, toxic-free, odorless, easy-to-clean and well, colorful. Then again, they are selling paints, so it has to be colorful. On and off, I would try to catch the TV commercial whenever I am in front of the TV. Then one day, I saw this adorably cool Nippon TV commercial made by Malaysian Advertising Agency. If I am not mistaken, it is called Blobby. Awesome animation, simple concept and yes, colorful. Indeed, a good head on for Nippon paint and Malaysian Advertising industry. Let me show you a few clips from that TV commercial:

It seems that the truck holding Nippon paints had a minor accident to avoid a lizard crossing the road and spilled all the paints.

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