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Boring as Hell, weird town names

May 27th, 2008

Compared to the bright lights of New York or the romantic charm of Paris, you may think that life in your hometown is boring. But it’s probably not as boring as life in Boring, Oregon. Yes, that really is the name of the place. It’s named for its founder, W. H. Boring, who is most likely a very boring guy.

Boring Oregon City

Life may be quite boring in Boring, but the residents there should be grateful that at least they’re not in Hell. Yes, Hell is a real place too, not very far from Paradise!

If you think that Hell is full of fire and brimstones, think again. Somewhat ironically, Hell is in Michigan, a state way up north that gets covered in deep snow every winter. I bet the good people there are sick and tired of all the lame “it’s a cold day in Hell” and “Hell freezes over” jokes that outsiders like us throw at them all the time. 😀

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