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Argentine soccer team: skilled, talented, playmakers and fearless

January 24th, 2008

Argentine soccer team has always been made up of real gems: skilled, talented, playmakers and FEARLESS… however, after seeing this picture… you may decide to drop the FEARLESS attribute!

Funny soccer

Hahahah! Band of sisters! Carrying the vanity-bag (girl’s all time best friend) on the field, each one of them having different thoughts before the coming onslaught of Weapon of Mass Destruction!

Ortega: Looking most composed and hoping that the tiny little vanity bag will save HER day!
Zenatti: Saying the last prayer of life. And trying to keep the vanity bag intact!
Batistuta: She is the most terrified among all, attempting every possible body doss to fend off the shot of death, in fact even tears as a last resort.
Veron: Decided to be an obedient priest, remembering God at the last minute.
Simeone: This chick is dead already. Her face says that she has just been struck with the shot. Holding the vanity tight, she is releasing her last breath!

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