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Shake it like you mean it!

September 3rd, 2008

Used to be a bartender once upon a time, I personally enjoyed mixing drinks. Drinks as in cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic (mocktails). My specialties – Long Island Tea, Margarita and Pinna Colada. Yes, all very common. So I decided to search the internet for new and unique cocktail recipes. And boy, look what I found!

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Beers, beers and more beers

June 23rd, 2008

Are you a beer lover?
Do you think of a cold beer when you are thirsty? You’d trade a few crates of sodas for a can of beer? Do you drink more beer than water? Does the bartender takes out your favorite beer every time you came in the bar? Does your ear pricked up when you hear the words “Happy hour”?

If all that sounds very familiar to you, then you are one. It’s alright to love beer, and experiencing the cool, frothy, bitter-ish and somewhat exhilarating taste of beer.
However, many would ask how much is too much. 5 mugs? 2 liters? 33 gulps? Well, its pretty much depends on each individual isn’t it?

The “Math” that made perfect sense for a beer drinker. Make sure you look carefully at each item and see whether you can figure it out.

heavy weight
The idea of “fit” is no longer a strict matter in sports?

I love beer
Art piece: “The Declaration Of a Beer Lover”
Being artistic is good but having a huge bladder is even better!

Nevertheless, if you love beer, that’s fine. It’s fine to get drunk with trusted friends around you and even enjoy a few dances on the tables occasionally. But as usual, put on the “responsibility hat” when you drink. Kudos.

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