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Swine Flu Symptoms

June 25th, 2009

swine flu symptoms

Poor Mexico! It’s not exactly the first name that poips into mind for a restive holiday and now this! The country will forever be known as the one that gave the world Swine flu.

I’m aware the threat of this flu is no laughing matter, but when you think about it more people die on the roads, either driving or just trying to get across the street, than from this virus alone.

Pandemics come, and pandemics will go. If it’s not Nipah virus, it’s SARs. If it’s not SARs, it’s A(H1N1). We’ve had mad cow disease, chicken pox… poor animals, they’re getting really lousy PR.

At the end of the day, the swine flu is not that different from the common flu. So why the panic and paranoia? So it’s gone global.

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Warning – High Heels Can Kill!

June 9th, 2009

And I don’t necessarily mean the wearer either. Potential crime report: –

Victim: Male, Caucasian
Death: Instantaneous, Penetration of the Arterial Chamber
Description of Murder Weapon: Sharp Instrument, 4”
Type: Stiletto
Colour: Red
Maker: Mahlono Blahnik
Motive: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

So guys, the next time you’re ogling the sexy long legs of a sweet young thing, remember the shoes on her feet can double as weapons. And if she doesn’t like the attention, it could be your eyeballs that get it.

Or worse. For the guys who are foolish enough to actually stare at girls with their partners around, be warned. Your girlfriend or wife may just be creeping up behind you. And you won’t hear her coming… she’s taken off her high heels, you see.

(Picture Source:

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The Swimming Oranges and the Floating Bananas

February 10th, 2009

The last day of Chinese New Year (its called Chap Goh Meh in Hokkien – a Chinese dialect) is also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day. For most Malaysian Chinese, they knew well of this certain ritual that happens every year on this day. Originated from Penang, Malaysia, this interesting ritual involves tossing tangerine/mandarin oranges or bananas by the singles into the pond or sea or river or any place with water in hope that their future partner will pick up their fruits.

And this year in Malaysia, it was the most happening event for the single men and women in more than 3 places in the state of Selangor itself.
Yes, they literally throw the tangerines and bananas into the pond. Like this:
See how happy they are when they threw the oranges.

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The Worst Escape

February 8th, 2009

Have you watched Escape From Alcatraz before? You know, Clint Eastwood and his cell-made floats that he used to swim across to the mainland. That is smart. Then do you remember watching “Shawshank Redemption” where Tim Robbins dug a hole behind a big poster in his cell for 18 years and crawled 500 yards of stinky sewer to his freedom? That’s dirty but very smart too.

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Natural Curls at the Royal Show

February 3rd, 2009

Having a straight hair isn’t so bad, but I have always wondered how it feels having a curly hair. I even thought of perming my hair but since I never like keeping long hair and perming my short hair would make me look like Curly from the Three Stooges, I rather keep my hair and admire the curly bangs from afar. Then while I was surfing the internet, I came across some really natural curls presented at a show:

Yeap, we are talking about curly-haired pigs or famously known as Mangalitzas (Mangalitsa) in the European countries. Also known as Mangalitsa, Mangulica, Mangalica or Mangaliza, Wollschwein (German), this huge and wooly boars are the ancient breed from the Hungary and Balkan areas.

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The Art of Yawning

January 23rd, 2009

I yawned twice a few minutes ago and it got me wondered why do we yawn. I mean, besides the fact that it is 1AM in the morning. In Wikipedia, it says that yawning is associated with tiredness, stress, overwork, lack of stimulation, or boredom. (Source: Wikipedia)

That explains it, sometimes I yawn in the morning after 8 hours of sleeping – a nice 8 hours of sleeping; maybe I was lack of stimulation in the morning. In fact, I see my family and even my partner waking up, yawn and stretch at the same time, which is called “pandiculation”. (Source: The Free Dictionary)

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Which Is My Wife?

January 16th, 2009

In 25th July 2008, 60 Jordanian couples took part in a mass wedding ceremony in Amman. organized by Jordanian Islamic charity, this annual mass wedding ceremony is perfect for young couples that are unable to afford expensive ceremonies.

Here you can see the bride making her way to her husband. Its easier for the wives to spot their husbands of course.
I’ve seen mass wedding on tv and news before but this mass wedding is really interesting because if I was one of the bridegrooms, I’d have to be really good in identifying my wife under the heavy veiled white burqa (or burka).

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Most Expensive Christmas Tree

December 5th, 2008

Christmas is coming! Shop for gifts, get new clothes, find a turkey, bake some cakes and get a tree; a 1.6 million US dollar tree. Yup, no kidding; recently, the most expensive Christmas tree is on display in Japan. Cost about 150 million Yen, this 24k golden tree is displayed in Ginza Tanaka jewellery shop in Shinsaibashi, Osaka.

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Potato Love

November 17th, 2008

In Boist, Idaho, February 2006, a woman discovered a very unique potato; a heart-shaped potato. Yeap, you heard me, heart-shaped. It’s amazing how it got through the state’s inspection system, as any unique or weird shaped potatoes will be turned into french fries and those which are perfect oval or round-shaped potatoes will be sold in the market. But during Potato Lover’s Month, which is February, this unique potato made it through the “chop chop” and into Linda Greene’s home:

This is Linda Greene with Love Potato, very near her own heart.
So happen that Linda here, loves heart-shaped items, from jewelries to postcards to pendants and anything that is heart-shaped. Well, it seems that this potato has found its new home, loved by this lady.

Its said that Linda placed her precious potato in the basement cupboard and she did mentioned that she was wondering if she plant this potato, will it sprout heart-shaped potatoes too? We are wondering the same thing. Well, she can definitely try and we would love to know the result. But it has been 2 years plus now, and we have yet to hear of the Heart Potato in Idaho.

For more of Linda Greene and her Love Potato, click HERE!

Here’s a close up of a heart-shaped potato found at the Potato Festival at Sentry Hill Historic House, UK:

To see other heart-shaped potatoes in other places, check out these links!




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How to steal a swimming pool 101

November 14th, 2008

Having a pool is awesome, especially in hot sunny days. So you got yourself an inflatable pool, wade around it in the summer with your kids or yourself, if you are single that is.

10 feet in diameter and 30 inches high pool, with capacity to fill in 915 gallon at 80% full, and its not made with some flimsy materials, its made of super-tough rubbers with three separate layers of material for extra strength and durability! Perfect!

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