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Santa’s Son, Arthur Christmas

December 4th, 2011

On Christmas night Santa is using a gigantic, ultra-high-tech sleigh to deliver presents to kids throughout the world. When the mission is accomplished, an elf discovered that one bicycle was not delivered to a child named Gwen. He informs Santa and Steve.  And Arthur overheard the alert.

However, Steve, Santa’s oldest son who is in charge of the entire operation shows his father on the computer system panel that the error is negligible.  Arthur pleaded his father to deliver the present but his father decline as in two hours time the sun will rise and the this high-tech sleigh is due for major maintenance. Moreover, Steve also dismissed the plea.

Arthur felt remorse,  however, his grandpa showed him his old sleigh and reindeers.  And they went into an adventure
to deliver the present…

Arthur Christmas Trailer

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