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Father’s Day

June 11th, 2011

This year Father’s Day is on the 19th of June. ‘Old man’ another word for Dad, fondly some children might call as if he is out-dated and knows nothing about their world, feelings and desires.

But he’s still the one who provides food, shelter and care.  Who pays the bills, house hold expenses, a new car for the children, take the children to the doctor, pulls the children out of trouble and many more. It’s dad.
Yeah at times he is not perfect but still he’s your dad.

Let’s truly appreciate our dad for the man he is.  Take him out for a treat in a restaurant or give him a hug and love him for all that he has done.

Happy Father’s Day. This is a song to all fathers in the world. My Father’s Eyes by Eric Clapton

Written By PC

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