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Sleeping positions

Funny sleeping positions that poeple do when they fall asleep

Ahhmmm…. too sleepy to go to bed. This shelf would suffice…

The Japanese people work too hard and they sleep in radical positions on the train floor after long hours of work.

I think this man stress out from talking to his lady boss.

Man, this guy is too sleepy to pee. He slept before urinate.

This lorry driver must have drove non-stop for a week. I think he loves his tyres too much.

This cat just like to sleep upside down.

I’m surrounded by bear bottles, don’t ask me to drink all of ‘em.

This is where I belong. I’ll enjoy slumbering since the whole class is doing it.

Anyway just before you go to sleep. I have a sleeping tune for you. The Lion sleeps to night from The Lion King, Walt Disney.
Happy Sleeping and sweet dreams.

Written By PC

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