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Wacky ways to beat jet lag

February 12th, 2011

The next time when you are traveling long distance in an airplane here are few suggestions to beat jet lag:

1. The night before the flight eat a lot of crappy food such as any food cooked with crabs.  Once you get on the plane the next morning and settle down on your seat you’ll be set for a long slumber and wake up afresh at arrival of your destination.

2. Eat a lot of sauerkraut, bring a tupperware of it to the plane.  It will make you go to the washroom.  Fart and defecate.  Inhale deeply the crude methane from your bowels, you will feel sleepy and go to your seat and remain inactive until the flight attendant wakes you up upon landing the destined airport.

3. Use an ipod to listen to a lot of lullaby songs and eat a lot of pork when you are in a plane. You will doze off after half an hour.

4. Bring a can of Bee Larvae (looks like maggots), emm.. no a big bag full of it and eat all of it with milk like the way Garfield eats.  A lot of protein and milk will make you sleepy all the way to your destination.

I hope you have a good laugh, however never try these advice to beat jet lag.   – PC.

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