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Funny Singapore Pictures

January 5th, 2010

Recently I had the privilege of going to Singpore, possibly the cleanest and most efficient city in the world. It was a FUNNY city too, as I saw from these street sights.

The Land of the Kiasu People is also known as the Land of the Calculative People. GST for their Clamping & Unclamping service??!!! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Naturally, some enterprising people took advantage of that marketing angle to promote their restaurant..

And guess what? These guys don’t eat durians!!! No wonder their streets smell so nice!

Shock Horror! Is that rubbish I see in “Litter-free” Singapore?

Oops I guess some Malaysian was lurking around… but it wasn’t me OK!

**FYI, GST stands for Government Service Tax. 🙂

Funny Pictures

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