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Rubik’s Cube v IQ Pentagon

December 30th, 2009

rubiks cube

Remember the times when Rubik’s cube was once considered the ultimate puzzle? I used to compete with my brother to see which one of us could restore a mixed Rubik’s cube to its original state.

As though that was not enough and just for the excitement, we would time each other to see who could solve the cube in the fastest time. It was no easy feat, mind you. We spent days twisting and turning the cube to get it back to its original configuration. Then just recently, my little nephew solved the puzzle in front of me within 5 minutes!

Such geeks we were. But life was much simpler and cheaper too then with no playstation and Astro to keep us kids entertained.

I recently came across a website that sells a newer, better and more complicated version of Rubik’s cube on the market. Check out the 12 surface IQ pentagon:

iq pentagon

So for those of you who have mastered the original Rubik’s cube, this improved version of the puzzle will definitely tickle your fancy. Geek!

For more information on the product or other geek toys, you can surf their website:

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