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Tiger on the Prowl

December 16th, 2009

This must be the most challenging month for the globe’s most famous and bankable sports superstar. And nope, Tiger Woods is not facing a playoff with Phil Mickelson to win a Major. His problems are not about his drives on the golf course, instead it’s all about his extensive sex drive. And the challenge is to salvage his career, and his personal life…

In a way, he is proving to be a real tiger, not on the golf course, but in bed! Tiger has been linked with no less than 17 women (at last count) in the past week. Not one, not 2, but 17!! Most of them claim that he has slept with them at least once in their lives. Circumstances are such that it is easier to believe them than Tiger himself.

Here’s a roundup of the sauciest girls of the lot, and how Tiger’s fame and fortune has attracted some of the hottest and sexiest women out there. For your viewing pleasure!

The HOLE-IN-ONE: this award goes to adult movie star Miss Josyln James. Looking at the body curves on this one, even Cupid might be tempted, let alone Tiger!

Joslyn James

The ALBATROSS: shared by cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs and events planner Rachel Uchitel. Both sport physiques to kill, and would undoubtedly have the stamina to match Tiger’s huge sex drive.

Jaimee Grubbs

Rachel Uchitel

The EAGLE: This accolade goes to sultry Miss Jamie Junger, an ex- Trashy Lingerie model. Never knew Tiger had something for lingerie models! And he seems to like the name Jamie a lot.

jamie junger

The BIRDIES: Then comes a list of other women lead by ex porn starlet Holly Sampson, another sizzling waitress called Mindy Lawton and Kalika Moquin among others. If Mindy is to be believed, Tiger:
1) demands for urgent sex every time they meet and she ends up like a rag doll after each wild session
2) urges her to wear saucy lingerie in his favourite red colour whenever they meet, sometime at his own mansion
3) Is extremely fond of spanking, hair pulling and other wild sexual acts. Tiger-ish? You bet!

holly sampson

Tiger is living up to his name, sadly not on the course but under the blankets. But with the attractiveness and seductiveness displayed by these women, who can blame him?

Lust is after all men’s biggest weakness, and Tiger’s definitely THE man. Don’t believe me? Why don’t you ask the women above…


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