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Dating Different Chicks

November 29th, 2009

Ever wonder what it’s like to date a chick of a different race? Funny Cool Stuff did some research to help you in your quest for wedded bliss…

chinese girls

On the 1st date…
You spend her a nice classy dinner ….. But nothing happens.

On the 2nd date…
You take her out for a even more classy dinner and empty your wallet. Nothing Happens… again!

On the 3rd date…
You wont have a third date coz now you realize that nothing is going to happen ever!

malay girs

On the 1st date…
You can kiss her goodnight.

On the 2nd date…
Make out a little, grope all over her.

On the 3rd date…
Your woman moves in.

A week later, her family joins you – the father, her father’s 4 wives, her then 20 brothers and sisters and 75 cousins all move in.

You get to repeat this four times. Lucky guy you!

indian girls

On the 1st date…
You will meet her parents.

On the 2nd date…
Wedding Date is set.

On the 3rd date…
You take your bride home.

blond girls

On your 1st date…
You both shoot up some booze and have sex

On your 2nd date…
More booze and sex

On your 10th Anniversary…
Still more booze and sex, hopefully with the same partner

arab girls

1st date…
Her father, mother, bros, sis, cuz, aunties, uncls, frens and half of arabia finds out about you and her.

2nd date…
You are shot dead.

3rd date…
Not Applicable as you are already dead.


  1. Lubna
    December 1st, 2009 at 02:55 | #1

    Not funny, not cool, offensive and again, NOT FUNNY!

  2. December 2nd, 2009 at 04:21 | #2

    This is quite funny, but a little racist.

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