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Elton John tells off Madonna

November 16th, 2009

Everyone is reeling from Kanye West’s nasty hissy fit during the VMA ceremony. Er, you might want to learn something from Chris Brown and not damage your fan following, Mr West.

Well, this brings up celebrity tantrums and catty remarks in general. West’s stage stealing move is not the only time this has happened. Remember these incidents?

This isn’t his first outburst

That’s right, Kanye West has had hissy fits on stage before.

Think back to the 2007 MTV MTV Europe Music Awards. Anyone recall how he jumped on stage and whined because Justice and Simian got the best Video award? Maybe he just feels strongly about music videos? Maybe not.

Elton John tells off Madonna

Yea, we remember this one.

Elton John used a few curse words to tell the audience at Q awards what he thought of Madonna. Or rather what he thought of her live performances.

Funny, how he was annoyed that she got best live performance award even though she lip-synced. I mean, with language like that you wonder how he got the Classic Songwriter award.

Speaking of Elton…

Do you remember the tiff between Elton and Lily Allen? On stage? Talking about alcohol and… snorting stuff.

What was that about ‘snorting’ anyway? Was that a semi-confession? 🙂

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