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Sms Shorthands

October 29th, 2009

Do you consider yourself savvy and always up-to-date with the latest gizmos and net-speak? How well do you think you are in sms shorthand then? Try this test and let’s see how many of these you know already. Don’t scroll down to the answers just yet.. NO CHEATING!

1) UG2BK
2) NMP
3) PIR
5) BI5
6) PAW
7) 99
8) BIL
9) 4COL
10) ^5

Got your answers ready? Ok, here are what they stand for:

1) You got to be kidding
2) Not my problem
3) Parent in room
4) For your eyes only
5) Back in five minutes
6) Parents are watching
7) Parents are no longer watching
8) Boss is listening
9) For crying out loud
10) High five

So how did you do? For some reason, I get the feeling that most of these acronyms were thought up by rebellious teenagers. HAND!! (Have a nice day!)


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