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Weird Homes

August 25th, 2009

I know people say “A man’s home is like his castle”… or something like that. But what exactly do these homes say about its owners?

Weird home

It’s pretty, in a “I get spiders under the sheets and I freeze my toes off in winter” sort of way. I keep imagining Sarumon (from Lord of the Rings) to hop out. Or one of his minions.

On the other hand, if folks (say, some orcs or goblins) are hunting you down, this is the perfect place to hide out. Look, even the doorway is partially concealed. Good luck, Mr Postman.

Colorful home

Can you see what the fence looks like? Kind of like giant coloring pencils.

Remember the witch who lived in the Gingerbread home? The one that nabbed Hansel and Gretel? Is this her home, once she moved into the suburbs and got herself a SSN?

Shoe house

Someone’s been given the boot, haha.

Cheesy jokes aside, how strange is that? Admittedly, it’s relatively normal compared to the previous two. Actually, this one is more quirky and less weird.

Wonder how the real estate folks describe this house. Compact living? A shoe-in for the house of the year award? Pampering and good for the sole? 🙂

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