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Strange dog

July 23rd, 2009

Remember last time I talked about funny signs? Those laugh-out-loud moments? I found some more hilarious signs and these ones are just as bad as the last ones. Maybe worse. Get ready for signs with poor wording and angry rantings.

Funny sign

I can’t stop laughing at this one. It starts out pretty normal-like. And then it plunges into madness. Er, no mushroom hunting? Am I the only one who imagined a Goomba when he said that?

You have to love the way that last sentence presents a nice, vivid picture in your mind. You know, one of a guy with a ragged beard waving his rifle at you and saying “Git!”.


We all suspected as much. Some kids can be evil. Running up to you, gnawing at your ankles, heading straight for you with that zombie gleam in their eyes.

Alright, so I made all that up. But surely that’s what you think when you read this sign? Or at least that’s the unfortunate interpretation of it.

And we thought limited messages to 140 characters was going to be tough?

Strange dog

Ahaha! Strange in what way? I can understand scary dog, big dog and guard dog but… strange dog? Why, does he secretly like cats and squawk like a chicken on every full moon?

Maybe the owner just couldn’t bond with his pet and so put up that sign. It certainly has a resigned feeling to it, doesn’t it?

I’m still wondering what kind of dog it is. My bets are on a poodle, they were always slightly yappy.

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