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Hilarious shop names, crazy signs and the eccentric shoppers

You know the best bit about shopping? Not the bit where you do window shopping. Or the part where you finally find the perfect pair of shoes. Oh no, the best part of shopping is coming across the weird and wonderful aspects of our society. You know the hilarious shop names, crazy signs and the eccentric shoppers. Those are what we will call the perfect twitter worthy moments!

1. No Missionary Positions Here


Thanks but no thanks for that mental image. Is this about your own personal preference or perhaps this is just a shop that sells dog products. You know, belts, collars, etc. If so, I would be hard pressed to explain those medium to large t-shirts in the front of the shop. Or the big Bugs Bunny figure.

2. The things we do for ice

To get ice

Erm, no halfway measures here. A full commitment is what we are looking for. Or at least less drunkenness and more focus on getting… the job done. This must be the futuristic world of man-machine love that is usually shown in dystopians movies.

3. Vader picks out a lunch meal

Darth Vader

So tell me again… why is Darth Vader and his minion walking around in a supermarket? Couldn’t get any of the other minions to pick out lunch? Well, it looks like someone is pampering the boss’s ego.

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