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See What Nintendo Wii Has Done To Grandma!

June 19th, 2009

Can you imagine what it’s like watching your grandparents or the elderly playing Wii? This is how they look like:

nintendo wii grandma

Nintendo Wii – your kids begs you to buy one, you itch to get it for your kids so you can try it, your dad is already golfing at home and your grandma is asking for one to be installed in her room.

nintendo wii console

Yes, the game console that applies to all ages. Even my other half is eyeing on one. There goes part of my salary. But anyway, it’s Wii. Not just any game console where you battle using a vibrating joy pad, or fly a 747 by cranking the joystick. Playing Wii is like a real time gaming, with its remote control Wii pad. And the sports games that came with the console are just superb for any ages. I am hooked to the tennis game myself. Its good exercise really – minus the real court and the tennis racquet. But its fun nevertheless. And one day we were watching my 60 year old mom playing golf on our Wii. It’s truly entertaining and fulfilling watching her excited face when she gets the hole-in-one; she even yelled “Oh yes! I am good!” in Cantonese.

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