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Warning – High Heels Can Kill!

And I don’t necessarily mean the wearer either. Potential crime report: –

Victim: Male, Caucasian
Death: Instantaneous, Penetration of the Arterial Chamber
Description of Murder Weapon: Sharp Instrument, 4”
Type: Stiletto
Colour: Red
Maker: Mahlono Blahnik
Motive: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

So guys, the next time you’re ogling the sexy long legs of a sweet young thing, remember the shoes on her feet can double as weapons. And if she doesn’t like the attention, it could be your eyeballs that get it.

Or worse. For the guys who are foolish enough to actually stare at girls with their partners around, be warned. Your girlfriend or wife may just be creeping up behind you. And you won’t hear her coming… she’s taken off her high heels, you see.

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Bizarre, Interesting News

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