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Weird email hoaxes that people believed!

Do you get the occasional forwarded message from a colleague? You know, something along the lines of “Bill Gates is giving away money”? Some of them come across as obvious hoaxes, others are harder to dismiss.

Let me mention three bizarre emails that continue to dupe people. Over and over again!

Japanese see through skirt

Japanese see-through Skirt

This hoax is a bit old. Admittedly, no one has proven this to be a hoax but there is enough evidence to dismiss it as one.

The email claims that it’s not really a transparent skirt. Rather, it is a print on the back to make it look like you can see right though.

Funny what people are ready to believe! Tell them smoking is bad for you and people will pish posh in your face. Tell them about a perverse skirt from Japan and everyone swears by the rumor.

Well, despite the number of people pointing at the pictures as photoshopped, people continue to believe it. And happily pressing the forward button while they are at it.

The big wave is coming?

The most recent panic attack passed via email is the the July 22 2009 tsunami alert. It’s as crazy as it comes. Apparently someone predicted the big wave in time for a solar eclipse, also occurring on the same day. I hope you stopped and wondered just how an eclipse could trigger a tsunami.

An eclipse? Causing a tsunami? What about all those geography classes that go on about plate tectonics and all that? Maybe the writer really wants to warn people against running uphill in the dark.

This has got to be one of the silliest email hoaxes of the year!

Jamie Lee Curtis

Not the kind of horror she wanted

Someone out there has a really sad life. I don’t mean the Halloween star. No, I meant the dimwit who came up with this rumor.

Apparently one of the top hoax emails of 2008 was about her being a hermaphrodite!

It ranged from knowing someone who knew someone to Jamie Less coming clean on the Oprah show. You got to love the argument – “But she’s got a male name!”

Of all the topics to focus on, this is what they came up with? I for one would have loved an insider’s tip about the real estate crisis. But no one comes up with that.

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  1. Alex
    October 29th, 2009 at 08:06 | #1

    Hahaha! Those email hoaxes are so funny!! I get them all the time. I uaually just delete them. But sometimes I like to see what the content is. They are so lame. I would lobe to know who started these!!

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