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Are You Complaining About Your Job?

April 9th, 2009

Now, everyday, weekdays especially, you would AT LEAST have one complaint just about anything to do with your job, true? Well, unless you are your own boss or don’t have to work. But even if you are your own boss, you would still have little minor things to complain about. Even if you don’t work, you would most probably complain about something. That is common of course. Let’s see what you would complain about – the piles of work sheets on your desk perhaps? Or the traffic jam when you go to work or while on the way to meet client? Or your boss breathing down your neck? Or your colleague is being extremely annoying?

While you are complaining, however, there are a few bunch of tribal hunters in Africa who are probably complaining about the size of their catch and perhaps that the wrapping is not tight or thick enough.
The animal skin wrapped around the arm is a kind of protection. Protection from sharp teeth?

Now, when you talk about claustrophobic, going into this hole is like going into hell. Or maybe worse.

The fire helped the hunter to see. And perhaps whatever they are catching is afraid of fire?

Yeap! They are catching a snake. This is a huge python who is sleeping underground at that time. Imagine, coming face to face with it. It seemed to be hypnotised by the fire.

But it is not going down without a fight! That’s a wide mouth!

Now you know why they needed to wrap the arm with the animal skin. Hides are normally thick and durable but still, it is potentially dangerous because snakes’ fangs are not blunt. Besides, their snapping power could break your fingers. This is where the people outside should pull this hunter up as quick as they could.

Pulling a man out of the hole is easy, but not so with a man and a python.

This is how big the snake is. And this man is holding it like nobody’s business nor any signs of exhaustion. He must have years and years of experience.

Together, they will bring the snake home – skin it, boil it perhaps or roast the meat. The skin used for something else.

It is never easy catching snakes for living. The danger these people face everyday with no modern equipment but only a small torch and an animal wrapping while we are in our workplace, complaining about how much work there is to do. Now, you know what these hunter do daily. So stop complaining and thank goodness for your job!

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  1. Steve
    April 10th, 2009 at 08:14 | #1

    Ok sure that was tough… for 10-15 minutes. It really would have been quite fun and challenging. Notice there were another two guys just watching. Shit most people put themselves through 8+ hours of torture without the fun and excitment. At least they are living!
    They would live off that for a week! they seemed happy too.

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