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My Ambition Is…

April 2nd, 2009

Since we are young, we always dreamed of having a job that we like, imagining ourselves in doctor’s uniform on and yada, yada, yada. But like a fairy tale, we normally end up working for someone we may not be so fond of and hardly having any time for ourselves because we are so tied up at work. Ah… Reality. Then again, it’s no harm to have a little laugh. Now, I want you to imagine a world where animals have their own ambitions, and those that suits them too!

Come, come, come! Got Swatch, B.U.M Equipment, Adidas… I give you cheap la, don’t worry, BEST price, OK?! All my items are purr…fect la, look good, feel good, price also good!
– Mao Kit Ti, the Chinese Salescat doing her purr…fect sales pitch.

Now… Tell me, how do you feel when they took the apple away from you? Do you feel angry? Sad? Disappointed? It’s OK… Relax, take a deep breath… *CROAK*.
– Doctor Albert C. Ribbit, croaking his wisdom in psychology and put it into practice.

Flowerz? You likez ze daizies? Rozes foz youz Valentine’z? Maybe liliez? A carnazion foz youz moder? Hoz about ze orchiz? We gotz free deliveriez! You wantz zunflowerz? Bouquet maybe?
– Chip Van Munkhausen the German florist, chittering away enthusiastically.

Ladies and gentlemen!! For the last act of the night…. I will demonstrate how I can endure through spikes and pricks! Beware! For this act is not for the faint hearted! Here I go… WALLA!
– The Magnificent Parroti bringing up one of his best act – the cactus circus special!

While you are laughing at their animal antics, this avid fan is clapping its hand in enthusiasm. Now this is really adorable.

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