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Parenting Gone Wrong

March 27th, 2009

Parenting Gone Wrong… or something morbid like that.

Have you come across any of those strange baby pictures and wondered, “Heck, what were the parents smoking when this happened…”?

Maybe they were not weird in a ready-to-cook-in-a-pot sort of way. Maybe they were just funny and yet gave you that wtf feeling at the same time. Maybe they just reminded you of that creepy relative no one really wants to talk about…

1. Baby Farm Alert

Homemade baby

It is the season for baby cuisine, apparently.

You got to love the way they thoughtfully added “perishable” to the box. Perishable as opposed to what, by the way? Long life products (i.e. milk)?

2. It’s a baby hobbit!

Shave the baby

Does Gandalf have a sweatshop we don’t know about? Him and Frodo went off into the sunset and opened a factory?

Did he retire and make millions from such weird little toys? This toy definitely falls into the creepy genre. Why would you buy a hairy baby… just to shave it?

3. Catwoman on her day off?


Remember Catwoman from the comics/movies? Also known as Halle Berry trying too hard?

(Note: Watch the movie and the exaggerated walk. Just saying …)

This is probably what she does in her spare time. Wonder if kitty’s called Bruce. We know Brucie himself favors birds.

4. Parent fail

Weird baby

I am most tempted to sing the Adams Family theme song here.

Don’t freak out just yet; that kid is actually a doll. Well, that’s what the site says and, as they point out, the kid’s hands are fake.

On a side note, why would she want a Chucky lookalike?

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