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Funny Ads that make you laugh until your jaw drop

March 18th, 2009

What makes an ad a giant amongst it peers? Well, other than the fact that it makes people laugh and lingers in people’s minds for days and days? Breaking the language or cultural barrier, of course.

Here are some really funny ads from all over the world. You don’t need to be in the know to get most of these ads. Except perhaps the Jacob ad. Even then, his, er, sleight of hand was quite funny.

Too hot to handle?

Every self-respecting spicy food franchise calls their food “flaming hot”. But how can you tell if their yummy chicken dishes live up to their tongue burning fame? I suppose something like the below would be a good indication.

Nando’s Banned Add

You know how ads always hype on about the great side of being slim and lanky and all that? What would happen if they laughed a little at a great product?

Well, this ad doesn’t make fun of the shampoo. But does tell you how shiny smooth hair can have its downfalls… for the guy!

Shampoo Ad

Er, he’s real quick?

I didn’t see the quirky side of this ad until I read a little bit of background information. It can be summed so:

  1. South African presidential hopeful is called Jacob Zuma
  2. He was acquitted of rape but one of the biggest scandal of that case was that sex with an HIV positive woman didn’t involve any condoms
  3. At the time, he claimed that lack of condom could be fixed by a shower afterwards

Jacob Zuma Condom Ad

Right! Looks like some folks decided to piggy-back on this idea. If you think about it, all they had to do was use the actual story as the advert content.

With a bit of tongue in cheek humor, of course.

Milkman rings twice?

On that note, it’s quite cliché to create condom ads that only focus on a bit of hot and heavy, isn’t it?

So what if you take an old cliché and gave it a bit of twist? And threw in a sheep for good measure?

Funniest European Ad Ever

Talk about getting a bad nickname at work!

Here’s an interesting question. What would this person confess to – trying to nab the Mikado chocolate or pretend she was really photocopying her rear?


I suppose it all comes down to which story is less embarrassing to tell.

Or which is more believable for her boss.

My guess is, you would end up with this ad.

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