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Bloopers from television

March 10th, 2009

Nobody is perfect. It does not matter how well you plan out an event, something is bound to go wrong. The law of statistics says something to that effect.

This applies to amusing gaffes and bloopers on television. Can people really keep their cool?

1. Compatibility issues alert

This is the famous IT goof up from BBC News. Remember the incident? How the news presenter was supposed to usher in an IT expert to talk about an Apple court case.

Except that there was a mix-up somewhere and the wrong guy was brought in. Incidentally the man who appeared on the show was there for job interview.

Check out the video and see for yourself. His initial reaction is classic!

2. No musical chairs here

Quality of office equipment has gone down in the past year? Is the manager not dishing out enough for repairs and renovations?

How else do you explain this gaffe?

A South African chairperson had the chair wiped out from under him. So to speak. The wheels broke and his chair fell. And of course, like a reenactment of a sitcom moment, he fell with it.

All of this was captured on telly and made famous on YouTube. Check it out. Hahaha…

3. Becoming part of crime?

This poor woman was trying to be somber whilst talking about crime. She is also on a deadline as she so helpfully points out.

But whoever pops up behind her is not very supportive. So woman rolls up her sleeves and dashes after him.

What was most amusing was the sight of the cameraman dumping his equipment to pursue them both. Hahaha… LOL! 🙂

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