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Going Crazy Over Sushis!

February 28th, 2009

I love sushi and always think of them as more healthy because there are hardly any oil used in making it. And its tasty! Then one day while surfing the internet and craving for sushi at the same time, I stumbled upon something deliciously comfortable!

Presenting to you…. The Sushi Pillows!
Yes! Its pillows and cushions that are made like sushi. The lady is really good in enhancing how good the pillow is.

Here we have the rolls:
It’s nice to have something to hug while having sushi. How about hugging sushi and eat sushi at the same time?!!

How about some tall rolls?
You know there are times where we rolled into deep sleep – this is the time.

These nigiris are so cool!!
I love these! I could just imagine my sofa looking like a plate and I have all these nigiris around. So delicious!

I am getting hungry now…
The edamame body pillow can replace my bolster anytime! My girl would love the ikura roll.

Check out these pillow cases! Especially the Ebi pillowcase!
I just hope I don’t drool over these pillow too much.

Well, that’s enough pillows for the whole household. If you happened to open a sushi restaurant, these awesome pillows would be a good idea. At the meantime, I am getting me some sushi!

Click HERE to find out more about the sushi pillow and how to purchase them!

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